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I make drum and bass which I upload on www.myspace.com/geie rmusic. I do not submit work here anymore, and you can feel free to use any of my stuff on Newgrounds. Just be aware that it does not represent my current work at all.

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I know what you mean, sometimes it is nice to take a break and look elsewhere for a change, that's why I sleep it off. Thx for the advice G.

How come you have two myspaces now?

how do you get the music on the flash?



hello man, see, i'm trying to take the fancy pants song.
i have a possibility to see a link about that song?
(sorry for my english, i'm chilean XD)

I don't think anyone will be insulted by this. In fact, it's a smart idea, to improve your own skills. Then you can come back and teach your teachers. Who knows.

WOw, i thought your music her on NG was great. I thought that was the best music ever untill i heard the music on your myspace! It's amazing!

I used one of your tunes in a simple arcade game of mine: <a href="http://www.fantasyjam.net/flash/games/fjball">http://www.fantasyjam.net/flash/games /fjball</a>

It's on NG, too, but I rather promote my own site. Ha.

Hey API -
Check out this CD ...
<a href="http://rapidshare.com/files/175663834/insanityII.rar.html">http://rapidshare.com/files/175663834 /insanityII.rar.html</a>
I use it for my UT99 mod:
<a href="http://forums.beyondunreal.com/showthread.php?t=182871">http://forums.beyondunreal.com/showth read.php?t=182871</a>

I luff you. You speak words that I wish everyone else on the Audio Portal could understand -- you don't really get too far with Newgrounds as your primary learning source.

What other websites are you talking about? I was thinking about joining sonic sounds (or something like that) site that asks for original audio for comercial use only. Some of its work for hire, in other cases you get to keep the license...

Any words of wisdom?

What web sites have you moved on to? I'm planning on leaving NG as well not because i'm reaching a new level but im actually looking for more criticism on my music. anyways hope to hear a reply soon... :D

i love you

i'm doing the same thing, except i still nag people here.

WTF you doing you are amazing with your songs keep going
-API 4ver- !!!!

Okay, cool.
Your music could be somewhere big some day maybe, a video game possibly?
Hopefully you can still drop here once in awhile at least.

Ah, I miss you dude. Your myspace account doesn't work any more either?

Hah! Still going strong huh? I'd like to hear some of your newer stuff as well. :D Maybe you'd like to help out in a collab of mine? I'm the character artist and your skills would be appreciated. :D

Skype me: festivalofthedamned

Cool Story Bro.

Your music is among the best in the Audio Portal.


It's been four years. Four years since i last heard your music. I renember the day that Anaconda came out. Never heard a song like that, so you can say that it's the song that made me like Drum and Bass music. I just want to say thank you, for making me discover such an amazing and diverse genre of music. I've noticed your mass inactivity last years. If you do come by this page and check out this comment, would you be so kind to let us know anything about your current work? That would be great.

See ya around

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