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i love you

i really do

Krinkels responds:

That's because you're awesome.

Hay guys.

I think I came. Grab me a napkin?

Aside from that little incident, I think this was pretty damned good. There were some parts that felt a little bland and uninspired, but that number was way low. (I'm looking at you, BBQ!).

I absolutely loved Totty's work. It's so... stylish. He's got a certain thing about him that sets him apart from many animators. You've got that graffiti/futuristic awesome vibe.

TFC, your style pwns as well. The lines started off just a bit on the boring side, but that fight scene was just about delicious. I love your sketchy feeling artwork.

BBQ, I love that elephant. That's all I can really say.

Tox? What the fuck is up with you? Why do you pwn so much at particle effects? I really can't figure that out. I'd watch one of your old animations, and my jaw would drop at how fluid the particle effects were. You used to make me crack open flash and sit there for like two hours perfecting a splatter or a puff of smoke.

Shawn, your animation was on the very short side, but as I read, you had a load of other work to do. I'm very happy you contributed to this, I think you just put the icing on the cake that is SL8.

Aww, you guys make me wanna animate again. I'll go buy a tablet.



The name is API, not ATI. Nice game, though.

AmesukiSTF responds:

oh really sorry, but when someone give me your music off newgrounds and told me to add it, they said it was by ATI, so really sorry about that.

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Immensely sexy.


Awesome work!

Very similar to Madness Interactive, and it was actually a good choice to copy that game. I loved the gameplay, it was really smooth. Only thing I'd change would be difficulty curve. It gets hard and fast. Thanks a bunch for using my music! I hope it gets my website and audiopage some decent exposure. Great job on the game.



This game was damn good and it deserves more than that wimpy score of 3.60 :/

The graphics and programming were sexcellent, :D.

Music was great too, maybe because oro did that sucka.

<3 guys keep doing little things you don't tell me about more!!!!


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RLAB bass pack!

I was wondering how you got those sounds until I stumbled upon that FTP

whateva. cool drums.

Like this a lot!

When the guitars kick in, it gets the super-epic feel. Really good variation on the piano tracks, but my only complaint is that the type of piano you used sounds somewhat generic... some more effects on it could sounds a tad better. Very minor complaint though, great job!

Evil-Dog responds:

Agreed! next time I'll try to dig deeper into the world of effects!
Thanks for the review!


Pitbull said just about everything I have to say about this track. It's quite generic... but then again, what the hell do you expect from a genre that's pretty much the same thing 99% of the time...

There was a weird click on your kickdrum, care to explain that? Probably just an artifact of your sample I'm guessing...

Anyway, this track is indeed better than a lot of the crap that's normally submitted here.

There's your review.

Greeksta-69 responds:

noooooooooooooooooo okay well anyways thanks for your review man i appreciate it

I make drum and bass which I upload on www.myspace.com/geie rmusic. I do not submit work here anymore, and you can feel free to use any of my stuff on Newgrounds. Just be aware that it does not represent my current work at all.

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