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Immensely sexy.


Awesome work!

Very similar to Madness Interactive, and it was actually a good choice to copy that game. I loved the gameplay, it was really smooth. Only thing I'd change would be difficulty curve. It gets hard and fast. Thanks a bunch for using my music! I hope it gets my website and audiopage some decent exposure. Great job on the game.



This game was damn good and it deserves more than that wimpy score of 3.60 :/

The graphics and programming were sexcellent, :D.

Music was great too, maybe because oro did that sucka.

<3 guys keep doing little things you don't tell me about more!!!!


Awesome job guys!

Haha, hey DrNero. How's it going. You did an excellent job programming, it was not too hard, not too easy, and was just a blast to play. The only thing I would fix would be passing through the snow mounds, which the AI players seemed to do from time to time. The animation was awesome, I guess credit goes to SketchMichaels on that one. You did an awesome job on the art. Was the voicework from Knox? It sounded a lot like him. Or was it you, DrNero? Either way, this was an absolute blast to play and I'll be adding it to my favorites.

Awesome job guys! Oh and, DrNero, about finishing those loops...

Awesome game Dan and Tyler!

This is truly fun to play. The happy go lucky sound effects and graphics are really awesome and I love the style. The gameplay is also very addictive as well. Awesome job, you two.


This was really fun. I always like this type of "GET SURROUNDED" game. Nice job man.



Someone finally uses my music. This means alot to me. I hope this passes judgement. The only thing I'd fix is making sure the small little cross in the center of the movieclip is at the very tip of the cursor. You have to move the mouse slightly above the button to click on it. This proves to be a tad frustrating.

Thanks again for using my music,

Jindo responds:

Well, i liked the music alot, i couldn't miss it seeing as it hit no.1 in the weekly top 5. congrats on the gold track :).

Its mediocre.

Look at my "Nirvana Balls" and try and make your own throwable one.

Ahh yes.

The all-mighty DrNero finally submitting his Game! Good job.


Simply excellent. I spent a good 30 minutes playing that game, it was great fun. The gameplay was good, but a little on the easy side. The graphics were pretty good, some of which were great, some of which were bad, but since a heck of alot of work went into the production of this game I guess it doesn't really matter. The sound was excellent as well, it really got your adrenaline going. This was great, so tell flashplayer and stuff about it, it'll be all across the web in like... a week. It's good to see that games are getting better nowadays.

Grandiose game, Sir Denvish.

P.S. My high score for panic, it was really hard....
Your score is: 38663.

It came to the point were I was completely surrounded by stickmen and UFOs. Hehe.

Again, great game.

oh, and come back to the Rate A User forum, you were a good rater! :)

Denvish responds:

It better not be across the web just yet... =).
If you look at my other submissions, you'll see that my primary aim with Flash is to take tried & tested formulae and take them to new levels. I think I succeeded with this, and believe me when I say I am SO happy this is going down so well.
As for Rate A User, that was really a one-off because Jen gave me such a lovely rating. I don't generally have the time for that sort of stuff, no offence.
Thanks for taking the time to review the game.

I make drum and bass which I upload on www.myspace.com/geie rmusic. I do not submit work here anymore, and you can feel free to use any of my stuff on Newgrounds. Just be aware that it does not represent my current work at all.

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