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Like this a lot!

When the guitars kick in, it gets the super-epic feel. Really good variation on the piano tracks, but my only complaint is that the type of piano you used sounds somewhat generic... some more effects on it could sounds a tad better. Very minor complaint though, great job!

Evil-Dog responds:

Agreed! next time I'll try to dig deeper into the world of effects!
Thanks for the review!


Pitbull said just about everything I have to say about this track. It's quite generic... but then again, what the hell do you expect from a genre that's pretty much the same thing 99% of the time...

There was a weird click on your kickdrum, care to explain that? Probably just an artifact of your sample I'm guessing...

Anyway, this track is indeed better than a lot of the crap that's normally submitted here.

There's your review.

Greeksta-69 responds:

noooooooooooooooooo okay well anyways thanks for your review man i appreciate it


I really like this, the melodies are good, the piano is cool. I swear I've heard that melody before though. The drums are good, crisp, maybe even a bit IDMish. That "weeow" stab thing is a little overused, and since you couldn't figure out how to lower the volume, you should make some sort of VIP version with the changes.

I like it, you've had a pretty good start to Reason :)

Karbon responds:

Thanks for the review man. I noticed that the stab was overused in the track, but I made that stab. :P

Like I said, I want to be more grungy next time. Real big thank you for teaching me some stuff.


Pretty damned good.

A bunch better than most of the stuff on the AP. I liked the high pitched sawtooth stab. It'd work in a better faster paced Evol Intent type DnB smashfest.

Nice work. I liked the hoovers and the leads, but it could do with some more processing and mastering, some of the synths were pretty muddy.

Care to get into contact anytime?

dj-padman1 responds:

Hey, its one of the legends of the AP! Thanks for dropping by, and I'm in agreement with your comments!
I wish I was better at mixing and mastering. I honestly have little idea about these things.
When are you going to drop some fresh beats up in here dude? It's been too long.
I've got MSN up and running now, my email is rogavit@yahoo.com if you want to add it, and thanks for the offer ;)

Pretty good :D

The orchestra stuff was excellent, but the percussion was sorely lacking. The clap/snap was awful, to tell you the truth. A snare would have worked so much better in place of that.

Great work, :)

YoUnG-PrOdiGy-LA responds:

Thanks man, yeah I'm disappointed in the drums as well, but I thankyou for looking past the poor samples that I have and seeing the greater qualities!

Much love,



Everything about this track owns my ass! The piano, drums, sound effects, ambience, everything.
I love the industrial feel on the drums, echoed and reverbed. It all sounds really nice. Very crisp mastering!

I'm telling you, this could get you a job making music for movies. Yeah, one track a century.. doesn't matter. If it's this quality, you're set.

Awesome work, man :)

Evil-Dog responds:

Haha yeah I'm proud of the mastering on this one, I thought the sands of time sounded good, but I went another step ahead.
In the movie industry I would need a 20 years head start to make the soundtrack :P

Thanks a lot for the nice review buddy

Some of your best work.

Milosz, this truly shines as some of your best work. Go get signed for lounge and ambient music, now. GOD SPEED.

That chick sounds kinda hot. Does that make me gay?

Well anyway, flippin' brilliant track! Fived and downloaded, for posterity.

synteza responds:


Well, it doesn't necessarily make you gay, since the guy is disguised as a chick. It' s just some strange love of pecker-ladies. I'm cool with that.

Thank you much, bruvva,




I fucking love you.


Khuskan responds:

I know API. I know.

pretty good :)

I thinnk it could be a little bit clearer, but over all it was a pretty good listen. clean up the synths maybe, a little. add geier103 to AIM, I think my list is screwed up.

TheComet responds:

You're already on my list no worries, I'll add it again just in case


I liked this, but what it lacked was strong percussion. I only felt the drums in the upper-mid range. There was a lack of punch... so to speak. Imagine this playing in a club, would anybody be feeling a powerful kickdrum? Nope. How about a thick snare? Nope. Both of those components are extremely important to drum 'n bass, without them, it's basically just "bass".

Now, onto the synths. These were a bunch better. I really liked the detuned synth, and how it skipped along the snares on those third notes. I liked it. You have potential for a killer reece bass. (A reece is 2 sawtooths tuned against each other, then distorted/phasered/vocoded, however you like it). Your bass seemed a tad weak, I think it needed a little bit more rounding and distortion, like low-end, a boost at about 30 - 60. A phaser would have sounded uber neat on here ;-) The acid portion sounded really sexy, I liked how you automated the resonance on it. So as a result, this sounded very Paragon-esque, and also with a sprinkle of ZENON in there ;-).

The FX were nice, they complimented everything properly. The volume fading sounds a tad awkward, I don't think that was necessarily the best time to have used it... but it's impressive nonetheless.

Well, Mr. _IV_, I enjoyed it. You've got some killer ideas that could use a little more elaboration and technical improvement. You're a talent-bomb waiting to explode :)


The-XI responds:

Thank you for the review, but if you wanna hear some better DnB elments, listen to the track I just uploaded... 'Vengeance'.

I make drum and bass which I upload on www.myspace.com/geie rmusic. I do not submit work here anymore, and you can feel free to use any of my stuff on Newgrounds. Just be aware that it does not represent my current work at all.

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