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Very well done.

Excellent job man. I'll be keeping up with you.



The melodies did not work at all. You also wrote the chord melody off timing. You laid the notes down at like the (none) setting on snap options. This was horrible =(


spawn28 responds:

so far im annoyed at you, this one i didnt try at, really only to get the msg out that perfect is a theif

What the hell.

This is the weidest thing I've ever heard. It was not good at all either. The fucking Mac duck error noise was hilarious though. I'll give you that.


spawn28 responds:

umm? and who are you again>?

Not D&B.

This is dance. Or just techno. D&B does not have a 4x4 beat. The bassline was atrocious too. I didn't feel it at all. It just felt like a couple of abrazed notes thrown together and it felt disconnected.

Try a bit harder not to use a 4x4 dance beat when you use techno.

Take no offense.

Good luck,

spawn28 responds:

umm what? 4x4? uhh yea, right...

Pretty good.

The only thing you need to work on really is the tempo and compression of the song. The tempo was a little too slow, and the EQ made it crunch a little bit.

Otherwise, very well done melody and harmony wise. I like the synths. I think you should stick to D&B though. Good luck on the rest of that CD, I'll be keeping up.

Karbon responds:

In the final draft, most of my songs on the cd will be compressed. I don't want to gove the song away fully with all the quality and goodness, if you catch my drift. But anyways, thanks A.


i love the bass =) sounds great.


The only thing that sounded good was the beat, which, chances are, you didn't completely construct yourself. I also hear stolen melodies in this one too.

Take no offense to my reviews, I just think its time for a huge change in your music making.



I'm sorry, but nothing in this song worked. The vocals from one of the Cool Stuff songs just did NOT fit into this song. The melody didn't go along with the vocals at ALL. Also, the stolen melody from "Maybe" makes you lose points too.

I expect better out of you.


Pretty good.

It took a while to get into the beat, which wasn't the greatest beat I've ever heard. The kick was a bit too fruityloops sounding. The all your base are belong to us voice track completely screwed up the experience.

Otherwise, this song was pretty good. It'd be really cool if you got your hands on some higher quality synths. The arp in the beginning was good sounding, but the saw didn't sound as good. It was too weak. The melody was really good, but it needs to be a little more varied.

Good luck in the future,


DjMontana responds:

Well youre right in some Cases, a bit harsh though! but i do use Fruityloops ! so no problem there, and im working on those vocals, cause thats the most difficult part !
But thnx for comment ! ;-)


This was relatively well done, the only things I would fix are the hihat, being DNC_hat 1, sounded really cheesy. The piano clip was nudged toward the left channel, making it sound kind of awkward. I can still dig it though. This isn't your best hip hop beat.


AznPB responds:

I don't do hip-hop so therefore... You know how it goes. ;)

I make drum and bass which I upload on www.myspace.com/geie rmusic. I do not submit work here anymore, and you can feel free to use any of my stuff on Newgrounds. Just be aware that it does not represent my current work at all.

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