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It was a beautiful piece...

...of flat out bullshit, submitting random noises wasn't funny almost 3 years ago.

diabeticbunniducks responds:

I love you ^w^


i really like the bell noises, awesome job brian

AdmiralConquistador responds:



Nice job.

This actually sounds like some decent trance. You might wanna change the arp in the beginning riff. It needs a little more variety. It also drags on JUST a little bit too long. I love the effect the kick has on the volume of the synths. It gives it a powerful feel. You are becoming alot better sounding. I'm liking this new stuff you've been pumpin' out. Looking forward to more, dude.


MattBlair responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you like it. I'll work on that arp, and maybe have a more interesting creshendo. You like the kick? Cool. Thanks again, dude.



The melody was way off, to tell the truth. The drums are also really irritating... Drill_nb really sucks. It was a good try at remixing a remix though. Long live mario music.


hilarious song, dude. i had a fudgesicle today though. ..not really a popsicle.

AznPB responds:

I want one :(


Fucking awesome, there's one time in the song where the EQ maxes out though. It might have just been my computer. I really love mario 64 music.

Gwave responds:

Yeh it was 1 time.


I really liked the background ambience, but I didn't exactly dig the beat all that much. It sounded really cool otherwise though. You must have some nice beats to slice. =)


TheComet responds:

I've got about 2 gigs of them lol....I can send you some if you want, catch me on AIM

DUDE! That hits the spot.

This kicked SO much ass. I'm glad you changed the note of the bass in the beginning. It's like a thousand times better. The drums had power and really thumped my headphones. I love that kinda exhaling meloding synth that faded in. Gee whiz. Awesome job dude, you sound professional. Make more stuff like Breeze though, or I'll come to your house and kill you.


AznPB responds:

Changed the note of the bass? Mwahahah. The bass was perfect the entire time! At least, the note. I deleted one of the bass sounds and left one. "303B" What I did actually was change the note of the first melody thing. That was the one that was off. :/ I like the beat too. :) It's very nice. As for sounding professional, I think I'm still far away from that point. I need to improve!!!

Make more like Breeze or---*gulp*--- You'll kill me!? O_O Oh noes!


Please avoid using the drumloops in the Packs section of FL... They only sounded good when they were first used. None of them fit into the D&B category except Drill_nb which sounds horrible anyway. Also, D&B doesn't use a 4 x 4 beat. Throw in the kicks and snares in other places. Spice things up.

The melody is very simple, and not that great. Lower the volume a little bit on that bass synth. Try for a deeper synth.

This would be classified under Techno, not Drum and Bass.

Keep on trying. Good luck in the future.


This track fucking RULES. This would have a double platinum if it were an AP loop or something. This is really a masterpiece. Why didn't you tell me about this one ?!?! >_< Goin' on my Mp3 player. *mouth waters*

AznPB responds:

A double platinum? Hmm... ;)

I make drum and bass which I upload on www.myspace.com/geie rmusic. I do not submit work here anymore, and you can feel free to use any of my stuff on Newgrounds. Just be aware that it does not represent my current work at all.

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