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9 lol. The sound clip was pretty funny. I really liked the scratch transition. You need to make more oddball stuff.



It's suprising what you can do with that techno snare. Try downloading some packs of drums. You seem to have a grip on what dnb is like.

I look forward to seeing more.


This ain't dnb.

This I know this isn't a selection for a genre on the Audio Portal, but Rave or Heavy House would fit this song best. This isn't DnB. My score I gave you wasn't based on the misplacement of genre, but more so the quality of the song.

The sound became WAY too cluttered in some parts of the song, try screwing around with Parametric EQ or some compressors until you get a less claustrophobic sound.

The architecture of the song wasn't great either. It was difficult to hear any transitions or FX, or even distinguish them from one another.

The slicing of the vocals lacked a lot of finesse, You could occasionally hear little gaps inbetween vocal sounds. It's hard to make sliced vocals sound good, so I'm giving you a break there.

The overall song did have its share of "get up and kill someone" power, so that's a major plus.

A DnB song does not use a techno pattern of drums, just for further notice. Try putting kick drums in different places, experiment a little. Add some variety =)

I see lots of room for improvement, keep up the work.


Balliztix responds:

Yo dude, thx for the good review - it helps a lot...

On the topic of it not being dnb, i was finding it hard to select a genre when submitting, but i think dnb best fits :P (i can't change it anyway) and although it starts with techno beats (which is the intro), it quickly fades into a bangin boom :P with only small traces of repeating kicks.

The sfx is kind of distorted and mixed, but its all part of the musics excitment! Yet i still agree it could be more EQed and improved. Though i do like it when the whole music feels like one big sfx :)

I found it hard mastering the lead-bass without making it less... cool, but i often find mastering too much greatly makes a music less appealing.

Overall, thx again (and i love yours paradise remix) - Balliztix

Woo Hoo.

AC on the top! =) Good job on getting number one. The song wasn't half bad, haha. I like the melody. It seems random, but perfectly random. It's weird. I like the whole song, the arps sounded really nice. Good job man. =)


AdmiralConquistador responds:

hehe, thanks man, I can't wait to hear some of the finished products of those tracks you sent me... they sound damn good! Anyway, glad you liked this song, and the randomness... hmm perhaps because it's one of the first trance melodies I've ever written? If you'll care to take a visit to the bottom of my music page, you'll see another track called Troubled. It's pretty much the same thing as my old one except redone and remastered and updated with new parts and new synths. Thanks again for the review!


This was alright.

This was an alright piece. It had some major compression issues. The synths overpowered the drums to an extent. The gating on the synths was also a bit of a put off for me. It made the whole song seem gated and cheap. The slow down in the middle didn't fit into the piece overall.

Negatives aside, the melody was well done. You seem to have a decent grasp on remixing. I'll be keeping up with your stuff, you seem to be pretty talented as far as I'm concerned.

There's always room to improve.


DJ-Seri responds:

hey thx for the review, but this wasnt a remix but a remake lol compression issues? Wow it may be my speakers bt i thought the sound was crystal clear...the gating is a personal prefference and the slow down, well also a personal preference, Thx for the constructive critiscism!


you moved all of the filter pads into the upper right hand corner wow impressive

Moderately enjoyable.

...part of the reason I didn't dig this as much as those other two is the fact that you cheated with Crispy Arp. z3ta+ has a bunch of cheaty synths. The whole thing sounded pretty cool though. I liked the distorted bass stabs. The drums are pretty good too, even though they are loops.

Pretty good song overall.


Walril-Darkeyes responds:

It can't be perfect for everyone init ?
And besides them samples r made to be used Api ^_-


Very cool sounding track. The only thing that should be done to this track would be excellent compression. It sounds too crowded. The melody is brilliant though. I look forward to seeing more top-notch stuff.

Good luck,

DJ-Seri responds:

well i dont know if thats gonna happen, im tired of the fucking o voters...

Very good.

You obviously have been doing music for a while, telling by the clarity and arrangement of this track. This certainly deserved more than 9 downloads and a 0. I liked it. The only thing I'd add would be add an ambient blippy synth. That seems like it'd fight right in. I liked how clean and smooth this sounded, you must have an idea of how to compress things well. This was a good start.


Marcus-Werhaldus responds:

Thanks. I'll bare it mind for the future.

if you are serious about this,

please seek help.

I make drum and bass which I upload on www.myspace.com/geie rmusic. I do not submit work here anymore, and you can feel free to use any of my stuff on Newgrounds. Just be aware that it does not represent my current work at all.

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