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Damn good.

Nice job cutting out that bassline about perfectly. The compression needed just a little bit of work, sorry, but that's just a prominent problem with all of your stuff. The threestep was pretty well done. I liked the piece! =)


Karbon responds:

Thnx. Good luck to yours. If your not just messing around with it. Yeah i agree, the compression does need some tweaking. But thats how i always am.


This was insane. Sounded professional haha. Nice job man.

AznPB responds:

You could at least give more of a constructive review, ya know? Since you're an artist and all you could help me out here! The AP is somewhat of a community.

I love you.

Thanks for remixing my song! This is truly awesome. I'm honored. Excellent job. Some of the instruments seemed a little bit out of tune. The drums simply KICK ASS. Holy shit. I love it.

aznPB pwns. The End.


AznPB responds:

Haha, I lvoe you too man. ;) Im me later. :)

But yeah, you're welcome. I had to remix it. It was yelling at me to do it so I did it. As for the out of tune ness? I dunno about that one. Someon's hearing is messed up but I don't know who's. Maybe the next review will tell?

I like the drums too ;) Those and your little bed time story. "Once upon a time, AznPB pwns. The End." ;)

OOoohh lala.

I remember seeing this song in its beta stages and wetting my pants at its awesomeness. I love the first drum pattern. Aphrodite's loops prove to work anywhere you use them. Awesome job on the song.

Karbon responds:

Thanks man, and also thank you for letting me use your Elixir bass. :D

Did sound video gamey.

I never skimp on honesty in my reviews, so don't take offense to anything I say in them, alright?

This started off with a pleasent sliding synth, the melody is nice. I liked the first transition noise, though it didn't really fit in. The rolling toms sound cool with any sort of transition. I use rolling toms in my transitions in my Paradise on E remix. It sounds nice. Points for that.

The compression could be a little bit better. I heard some crackling in some parts of the song.

The layout of the song was relatively good. You need to add some FX or some sends in the mixer to give it more spice. Set it apart from others.

Try to avoid using stock FL instruments too.

Nice job.



Wow. I really really liked this. The lyrics sounded very reminiscent of Rage Against the Machine. The bassline sounded much like them too. The lyrics are good. Some of the words that were rapped were a little bit awkward, but I know how hard it is to rap, even though I do it mainly as a joke.

Awesome job.


Psychederelict responds:

Thanks so much for the feedback! Wait till you hear my Kung Fu Rap, soon to be uploaded...


That one voice sounded like it was from Prairie Home Companion... The beat was really interesting. You obviously just took premade samples and mashed them together, but it still works. I like it =)


nofriendzclub responds:

true, but i thought it was funny plus its really old...be sure to check out other tracks that are alot newer...thanks for the feedback

The bass was pretty cool.

...but just a little screechy. Did you record the original bass with a microphone and then envelope a slayer onto them? I have no idea how you got the bass to do that filtery thing. It sounds really neat. It has way too much high end, the song sounds tinny and cluttered. The best part of it was how you got the bass waveform to sound like the original song. I like where you are going with FL, but I still think you need to have your songs go through several stages before you submit them.

I liked it a little. I'm still confused about that bass, so talk to me about it.

Good luck,


Balliztix responds:

dam! i thought this might happen but i ignored it. The result you mentioned is what i got when testing on mid speakers. But it sounds 'perfect' on my bass boosting headphones :(

Ya the bass, you wanted to know:
Is just TS404/Buzz with with heavily automated eq and pitch phase. Thats it mainly, several compressors ect.

Thx for the review - Balliztix


This piece really influenced the way I make music greatly. Probably one of the best songs you've ever created, if not THE best. Very excellent job.

I think my remix holds a candle ; )

<3 API


I see that you are new to this. It's a pretty good start. I don't like the panning on the synths, and when you used Glitch on only the left channel, it kinda bothered my ears. It's pretty good for a beginner, again.


Kaizer-storm responds:

oh dam, i didnt relize i did that with Glitch, i only have the demo of FL studio so i cant change it, i eventually need to get the full version, thanks for the review though! =D

I make drum and bass which I upload on www.myspace.com/geie rmusic. I do not submit work here anymore, and you can feel free to use any of my stuff on Newgrounds. Just be aware that it does not represent my current work at all.

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