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It could use some work.

This song just seems to repeat itself over and over again and the motive is just a little plain. This isn't exactly true DNB. If you guys could hook me up with that loop that'd kick ass. My Amen loop isn't as clean.

That was good.

I love how the whole thing flowed smoothly. Reason is a difficult program, isn't it. I liked the drums, as the other two said, but they didn't have enough variation. Try adding a sub bass that drops, probably after ever 3 patterns of drums. That would make this song nearly perfect. This is too light to be DnB, maybe breakbeat. They need that genre.

Check out my latest stuff.

Always-Dark responds:

I don't use Reason.

maybe i should get it....?

I'd spend a couple of years...

..in the batcave before I'd start to fight crime if I were you.

Pandora was right about the drums

The are more of a big beat type. If you put something a little faster with shakers and hihats and more of a tinge on the snare this would be better. Good job none the less. This sounds industrial.

Karbon responds:

thanxs A

Thats pretty good.

I like the drums. They have a very powerful punch. The only thing you could work on is making that dark bass stand out a little more. I think that sytrus' Smooth string works well with a dark intro rather than a lead melody. If you wanna talk about DnB production or anything, you can talk to me on MSNM I'm geier20@hotmail.com or geier103 on AIM.

Good stuff.

Karbon responds:

alright, i already talked to u, and the tip helps


One sound effect from the SimSynth folder and 2 drumloops played over each other?

How talented. Make your own stuff.

Katocan responds:

erm.. dude go easy wont ya? its my first ever attempt at audio so gimme a chance to get to grips with it :/


Are you sure you made this with the muddy, cluttered and mediocre Fruityloops that I know and love? How did you get such rich sound? I don't get it. In my music, I use compressors, EQ's, everything I can to get my music crystal clear, but I find it so difficult. Are there any specific synths you like to use for the trancey sound? Like detuning one slightly less than 0, then another slightly more for the hazy clashing of wavelengths?

Whatever. This is an absolutely amazing remix of a great song, you did more than enough to get a ten from me. Do you have msn? I'm geier20@hotmail.com if you care to talk fruityloops. :)

I recognize you as one of the most talented people on the audio portal, and I bet many people before me have said that as well.

P.S., the generic hihat in the beginning, you know, the one on the dance preset? Thats a nono.

AznPB responds:

Yes, I did make this with that program you all know and love. ^_^ The rich sound? Hmm... Not too sure about that one, man. I do use some big filesize programs, especially on the master channel. Does "Waves" sound familiar to you? If not, then I suggest that any one interested in making high-quality sounds download it.

Yes I do have MSN.

You? Recognize me? What an honor! ^_^ Awesomo! "I bet many people before me have said that as well." Not many actually reviewd my songs and said I was the best but a few have, including you.

P.S. Yes, big nono... T-T

Good Job TJ 'n me :)

I'm glad people liked the melody, I tried to make it sound almost classical. I guess it worked. Well, you did the majority of the sex, I commend you. :)

This is awesome, having top 5.

:) <3

Sounds like Nintendo alight.

Hi, do you think you could hook me up with those three sounds? I've always wanted to make a nintendo song. And while you're at it, check out my music.

email me.

MattRM responds:

Well, basically all you need to do is get an NES emulator that can make WAV dumps or maybe Setup your mic to record the audio on your computer (WAV dumps are easier), then open any ROM, turn off all but one of the audio channels (Pulse 1, Triangle, etc.), record only a few seconds of anything and then import the WAV into Fuity Loops as a Sliced Beat. Restart Fruity Loops, then go into the Sliced Beats folder in the Browser and pick one of the parts to put in a channel, which basically turns that small clip into a whole insturment for you. That's about all you need to know, really. Just talk to me on AIM or something if you're still confused. By the ways, you're songs kick ass ;)


You make 2 second loops of the worst things I've ever heard. Try making a song.

masterhaichanchu responds:

ok i will. Just i just got the audio tool so i wa testing it out.

I make drum and bass which I upload on www.myspace.com/geie rmusic. I do not submit work here anymore, and you can feel free to use any of my stuff on Newgrounds. Just be aware that it does not represent my current work at all.

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