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I like I like

This sounds very B0UNC3y. Good job on the threestep, although it didn't quite fit in along with the rest of the track. It also needed some sort of mega lead. but anyway, awesome job, you outdid yourself on this one ;)


Karbon responds:

Thanks Apey, lol. O.o

I like doing B0UNC3 type trance. Seems more exciting.

Haha, awesome.

You did a damn good job on this, Karbon. I loved the kickdrum leading into the vocal clip in the intro, it sounded really good. Not quite to sure about how that collaboration is going, there's too little to work off of... We need to give it a lot more thought.

anyways, sexcellent track, awesome job.


Karbon responds:

I see your in the christmas spirit. ;)

And i'm probably too late, but you turned 18! Congrats, your an adult. :P

Adopt meeeee.....

Ho ho ho,

MARRY KRISTMAS ORO :O Awesome job on the loop, I love those vocals so damn much. The beat was awesome too. Bells fit perfecto for the melody :D


Sounds alot like Jermain's old stuff.

I liked this a lot, man. The percussion was nice and crisp. They needed much more variation though, in my opinion. I liked that melody. Sounds really neat. I love arps.



Karbon responds:

That really makes me happy it sounds like J's old stuff.....:)

And i still have your loop, i'm using it in Blinding Ashes....remember?

Btw Blinding Ashes is my next song. But you already know that ;)

Thanks buddeh

Way too much high end.

The treble was really high on this piece, to the point where it shrieked.

...Magic Music Maker? ... this didn't require much talent did it. Well... the end product still sounds good.



I loved the percussion in this one. Fast and furious. The synthwork was awesome as well, each string or saw complimented the other just about perfectly. ; ) Awesome job on this, KFNX (hehe).


KFNX responds:

Hello api.. thanks for reviewing this one! I cant even stop listening to this myself XD



Holy shit dude, this was fucking amazing. Awesome lyrics. They are a million times better because you did them. The synth work is perfect. There are a handful of times that the synths get a hint too loud. This is good enough to play on the radio or be on a best selling album. You should really go for it. AWESOME job again.


Khuskan responds:

I spent so long trying to balance the synths, i just gave up on the end. With about 30 instruments playing, the mastering was hell, as well as keeping it balenced.

Anyway, I need to go work on getting signed, thanks for the review :)

I liked the FX.

That beginning FX noise was really cool. That bass synth kicked ass! Would you mind telling me what they are? You seem to have a good set of them. I liked that little break that was just the drums, it sounded really neat.

The structure of the song needs just a little bit of work. You also need to tone down the high end of the EQ... it squelches a little bit and scratches at your ears.

Stay V, lol.


Viewtiful-Masta responds:

One of the bass synth is called bassted
The other is called the SuBase. Well if you want I can give you that certain synth if you want it! Just
e-mail me at Viewtiful555@yahoo.com!
Thats if you want them! I really want you to finish your Viewtiful -API- virus that kicks ass! I REALLY want to listen to the final! hey you used my term V! Thats V! (he he)


Nice job, JD.

Even though this may be an incredibly simple track it still captivates me. The amen break works absolutely perfect in this one, gives so much power. I love the vocal hits that follow the snares, it makes it seem really hardcore. That morphing ravey bass is awesome as well. This is definitely a classic. I love it !

Awesome job JD ^_^


Holy fuck man!

This kicked ASS. I thought you lost it but this is just fucking awesome! :D Awesome job Jermaine! You haven't responded to my email yet. Again, this was fucking amazing.


ParagonX9 responds:

Hey -API!-
Don, worry.. You're in my list now ;)
btw.. its Jermain ;) Lol but its oke =]
You can also call me JD if you want ^^

Thanks for reviewing API!

I make drum and bass which I upload on www.myspace.com/geie rmusic. I do not submit work here anymore, and you can feel free to use any of my stuff on Newgrounds. Just be aware that it does not represent my current work at all.

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