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Good try.

Don't take this personally, but...

The track lacked a polish that many people who come here seek. The piece sounded just like a whole bunch of synths mashed together and it could've been better.

If you want to make a successful track, try and make the drums more prominent and don't forget to seperate certain melodies so that they don't clash. Since Rock seems to be what you submit most, I'm guessing you aren't that into electronic music. So just stick to the rock. The rock is alright.

Try messing around with filters and seperating parts of the track so they don't jumble.

Good luck in the future,


Rad-x responds:

Thank you for your honest review.
The reason for the lack of quality in this track is that i really did not put any effort into it. It sounded sorta "ok", so i submitted it.

Its pretty good.

God, I can't stand drill_nb. Anything else woulda been great. The overall composure of the song was fine though. :D

DJRunaway responds:

me neither :| Drill&Base is so overused :| OMFG :|

DJ Runaway


Thats the BEST thing I've ever heard!! !@11

I loved how you made the drums suck, as well as the synths! Thats some proffessional stuff there. The melody also made my ears bleed, you have to have a special talent for that! Thats hard to do. You also blow at Fruity Loops! I'll give you that!

Great job man!

10's all around.



The three-step, I must admit, mildly ruined the track. If you had kept the synth in the very beginning and maybe put a different screamer on it, it would've sounded better. I liked the song overall, but it doesn't really touch your other classic DnB songs. I personally like Zero Gravity the best (please make a remix of this, that would be most awesome). I have always wanted to make tracks like you do, someday maybe I will.

Fucking A!

We pwned the AP AGAIN! :)

Good job ORONAPI!

Lets take some time off to ride the LOLTRAIN

Oro responds:

Yessir :D


Once again, denvish pleases us with one of his many...

...uh... well, pleasable things. The lyrics were great, and might I add, well sung. Very top notch job, this sounded proffessional.

I'ma put that on my ipod now.

Denvish responds:

Yes, it was supposed to be a funny one. I need to write more joke songs, I'd like to do a funny music video Flash at some point
Thanks for the review


i think you have reached the alotted pwnage.

Humpty Dumpty

That would be pretty cool if you did it manually by yourself :-/, its really addictive to listen to though. Pretty good job, I guess.


that was grandiose. I could've sworn I heard that exact song in Timesplitters. Man, that game was great.


thats excellent, everything was played well, except for one little part where you kinda got off beat, good guitar playing!

DaylightsEnd responds:

Right on. I'm glad you liked it. I was a little "eh" about it going on here. I didn't think anyone would like it because it was a softer song. And for the messing up on the beat, my bad. :o) Thanx again for the review!

I make drum and bass which I upload on www.myspace.com/geie rmusic. I do not submit work here anymore, and you can feel free to use any of my stuff on Newgrounds. Just be aware that it does not represent my current work at all.

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