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this song is sexy enough to

send me into cardiac arrest :O

VG FTW. Nice job oro, you din't even tell me 'bout this one :'O.


Oro responds:

lole. I've got chainsaws faggot brigade 0'ing all of my stuff now. <3 <3 <3

Nice one.

I like the beginning bassline. This has some very tiny overdrive errors (peaking, EQ could fix this pretty easy). I like the piano notes occasionally. A very unique piece, I like it a lot! :)

Nice new genre you are pioneering.

MattBlair responds:

I'll work on the EQ'ing. Im glad you liked it, one of the very few who did.


Well said, Rucklo.

What an awesome piece. The instruments, scratches, effects... everything was well placed. The rules being said in the background was awesome too, I hope some people hear their subtlety. (Some people actually really do need to hear them). Well, I don't exactly know where to begin on this, so I'll just say that it was awesome and everyone big and small, young and old, wise and dumb should download this.

I bet people will love it.



Rucklo responds:

Hey whoa! Thanx alot for the praise man! What did you say you thought this kind of style was? neurostep/neurofunk/glitch? (thats a copy/paste from msn :)

Anyway, I agree some ppl need to check the rules... the voic es was originally meant for another song, but ill guess its just one of those songs I´ll never finnish... :(

Thanx alot for the review man! Appreciate it alot!


Awesome job on this dude!

I love the melodies and the kick was powerful and crisp. You're making some serious steps towards being a professional, keep it up!

MattBlair responds:

Thanks for the review -API-. I'm glad its such a hit. Thanks a bunch, and I will keep it up!



Awesome job JD!

Haha, I'm so glad you submitted this one, it's really a classic. The guitars in the background were perfect and everything was awesome! I remember you sending me this one back and it seems to be that you cleared up some of the compression ussues. Awesome job! I love the stuff you added too.


ParagonX9 responds:

Hahahah Yeahh. Glad I finished this song before XMas! If I didn't I'd probably wait a whole year again for this XD

Thanks API!

My God Milosz.

You sure know how to set ambience. The bassline that was fading in made me get so pumped. It was awesome. The drums and bongos in the beginning were awesome as they led through the build up. You really really outdid yourself this time. The way the kick reverberated in my headphones was amazing. If you added a little bit sharper percussion to this, it'd be a freaking masterpiece.

You are one of my favorite artists.


synteza responds:

After a childhood of ATB and Astral Projection, ambience trance runs through me... except this is more DNB.

Lots of good commentary to reflect upon. I'll be sure to keep in mind the sharpness of the percussion. Keep in mind the shitty bitrate this thing has. I'm not very good at mastering, either, so this tune probably makes the ears bleed at a much lower volume then most songs :)

Great to be ranked so high in your artistic preference hierarchy!


<3 this one Milosz.

Seriously. I could listen to this one for hours. And I actually did, when we had that huge chat with everyone. Haha, everyone was listening to it simultaneously, remember? Well, on to the review.

The bells in the intro were beautiful. The harmony of the arps really set an intruiging atmosphere. The Hammond house bass was excellent as well. It could have stood being a little bit more loud though, this needed a tad bit more low end. That high end sizzle that changed bars sounded alright, it may have been a little bit too sharp on the ears.

The acid segement was awesome, light, chirpy, and just about the right length. I loved it.

Now, I just can't get over those bells, they are too perfect. Did you cheat? Haha. I can't wait to get my hands on Reason 3.0 so I can do some awesome stuff like this. You really outdid yourself on this one, Milosz. I love it.

Keep up the amazing work, you are really underrated on these parts. I don't think getting rid of SonicEclipse was a good idea... Whatever. You must have had some good reasoning behind it.

<3 this track man. Awesome job.


synteza responds:

That was a cool chat. Then I brought my friend Kaz in and it turned into a conversation about the dance and who's bringing the liquid substances.

Thanks a mil' on the bells, it's a simple Ring Mod on waveform 12, which has harmonics that are louder than the note itself :) Of course I put some mad delay on there, too.

It took me a while to figure out what you meant by "change bars", in reference to the high-end sizzle. It's the type of sound that's annoying half the time and spectacular the other.

The acid segment took a really long time to perfect, I ended up creating my own synthesizer using the Combinator tool. But it's perfect now and Milosz happy.

Thanks again man, a good review to kick this song off :) I'll be sure to leave you one, too.


P.S.: I didn't have any reasoning at all behind deleting SonicEclipse. It just wasn't perfect enough.


I thought this was a remix of one of my songs or something, but it's just a name coincidence :(

Apiman responds:

Oh, sorry to hear that :p.
Api is my initials... :p


The first song on the Audio Portal. Cool.

Awesome job on this one, KFNX.

The only thing about that I would change is that one light arp that happens on ever 8 beats or so in the intro. It's a major chord, and the rest is minor... It throws off the ambience just a little bit. The three step change was short and sweet, I love this kind of stuff. The acid synths were also really awesome, they fit in with that bubbly fast beat well. Again, awesome job!

Your fan, -API-

I make drum and bass which I upload on www.myspace.com/geie rmusic. I do not submit work here anymore, and you can feel free to use any of my stuff on Newgrounds. Just be aware that it does not represent my current work at all.

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