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how shit you got here

PERVOK responds:

Shit, I got here.


symphony in sawtooth will kick your ass brb


I inspired someone!

You know, I don't think my drums are nearly as varied as that... in fact, that's something I need to improve. But I'm so glad I finally inspired someone. The track was pretty good, I think I could do with some louder drums... yeah, that'd be nice. You need that kickdrum and snare to have more power and punch. Drum 'n bass has heavy beats. These are sort of masked and drowned out by the bass and synths. Try for a thicker snare, too.

Other than that, whoopee!


PERVOK responds:

Lol, thanks, but after i made this track, i already realized that my drums are too weak.

Soon im going to submit a drum n bass track, with all these little things I thought i did wrong. Maybe you'd be interested on seeing that...

Thanks for the review!

Main synth.

That main synth WAS WAY TOO LOUD! Jeez. Cool harmony, but this doesn't fit under hip-hop. Heh. Nice job on the melodies. You just need to work on clarity and the volume levels of some instruments.


you got what you wanted, and you got what you deserved >: (

It's a good song.

MattBlair responds:

Hey -API-, glad to see you reviewing it. Thanks!


Nice job.

I like the samples you used, even though we've all used them before. But alas, everyone starts somewhere. The drums in the beginning caught my ear, that familiar boom cha boom-cha pattern is quite recognizable. I liked it. The Dieselboy samples fit in pretty well. You just need to create a definite melody and carry along that way. Random does not make DNB.

Nice start.


Para-Noid responds:

Wow, this is awesome you reviewed my song. Thanks alot. I might do DNB more often.

Good stuff.

I love how silly this sounds, the bassline is skippy and happy. I like the reverb dry/wet knob changing in one section of the song. Something that'd give this song a higher rating would be a more crisp and powerful kick drum. I like the melody and all, but the beat just can't hold all of those synths. Nice filterwork, it sounds good. Some parts overdrive and peak though, so try adjusting those levels a little bit more accurately next time you produce a track. Keep up the good work, you're certainly improving :)

Happy go lucky.

Draze responds:

Yo dude, thx for reviewing API. Yeah the eq is a bit screwed up, i only noticed when i played it on my big speakers (i mix with wireless 'headphones'). And i didn't use the wet knob at all :P it was a buzz fx, slightly more control than the wet knob - thought basically the same effect.

Happy Go Lucky \m/ (^_^) \m/
~ X-Digital

Awesome work, Milosz!

I loved that distorted bass. The way the flute complimented it was really a pleasure for the ears. Those pads are fuckin' awesome :) They are really smooth. I like the hihats, as well. Awesome job on this, I might wanna do a remix or something, but probably not.

The mastering was excellent, you really have it down pat. Your bass was definitely good in this one. I hope you'll get your bass talent back. Because it's really good. Awesome track. :)


synteza responds:

I'm currently unable to respond to such flattery, so I'll slim this down to a simple thank you.


P.S.: "Organic" rules - great job on that, dude.


I love!


Awesome remix!

This is truly one of your best works. I liked the new FX in the very beginning. The panning was also pretty neat :) The filtered beat fading in was also, pretty atmospheric. When the breakdown occured, I was blown away. The sort of richochet noise complimented the beat. The amen seemed a tad bit choppy though, it didn't quite flow that well. Other than that, great remix Brian! :)

AdmiralConquistador responds:

Thanks man! Yea like I was telling you I wanted to add fx here and there, but ended up only varying the panscape and adding a "zero gravity" feel to the beginning to emphasize the atmosphere of the song. Yea I know, I've yet to master the art of slicing a loop perfectly... but it came out decent enough, no? Thanks for the great review, oh drum n bass master!


I make drum and bass which I upload on www.myspace.com/geie rmusic. I do not submit work here anymore, and you can feel free to use any of my stuff on Newgrounds. Just be aware that it does not represent my current work at all.

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