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I liked this, but what it lacked was strong percussion. I only felt the drums in the upper-mid range. There was a lack of punch... so to speak. Imagine this playing in a club, would anybody be feeling a powerful kickdrum? Nope. How about a thick snare? Nope. Both of those components are extremely important to drum 'n bass, without them, it's basically just "bass".

Now, onto the synths. These were a bunch better. I really liked the detuned synth, and how it skipped along the snares on those third notes. I liked it. You have potential for a killer reece bass. (A reece is 2 sawtooths tuned against each other, then distorted/phasered/vocoded, however you like it). Your bass seemed a tad weak, I think it needed a little bit more rounding and distortion, like low-end, a boost at about 30 - 60. A phaser would have sounded uber neat on here ;-) The acid portion sounded really sexy, I liked how you automated the resonance on it. So as a result, this sounded very Paragon-esque, and also with a sprinkle of ZENON in there ;-).

The FX were nice, they complimented everything properly. The volume fading sounds a tad awkward, I don't think that was necessarily the best time to have used it... but it's impressive nonetheless.

Well, Mr. _IV_, I enjoyed it. You've got some killer ideas that could use a little more elaboration and technical improvement. You're a talent-bomb waiting to explode :)


The-XI responds:

Thank you for the review, but if you wanna hear some better DnB elments, listen to the track I just uploaded... 'Vengeance'.

Freakin' great.

I love this man, it really is one of your best works. You should totally keep this up.

I love you

synteza responds:

Denny's tonight, honey?


Where do I begin.

I'm afraid nearly everyone who's had fruityloops has made a song similar to this. dnc_kick, dnc_hat, dnc_clap... we've all used them before. So that gives you a low originality rating.

Now, don't get me wrong, this isn't AS terrible as some of the things I've heard, but you still have a very long way to go before you make something danceable ;).

Your beat was constructed in a fashion that confused me. The synth was also kinda grating on the ears, i think you turned the volume of the synths up way too high.

It's a pretty good start though. I better turn off my comp, it's lightning outside.

This i enjoy.

Lots of energy, it's a blast to listen to. I could replace the shitty stuff on Tony Hawk with it... :)

awesome job men.

Evil-Dog responds:

haha nice man :) thanks, talk to you later dude


Hot shit! You weren't kidding when you said you'd bring a funky revolution. I like how it sounds a little bit like beck, but at the same time it's not afraid to be original. I'm really impressed, guys. You need to reveal yourselves soon.

NeuFunk responds:

Prehaps, prehaps prehaps. I wanna see a few more tracks out of ours first though, get the hype up...

Nice job.

You're falling in love with that Pendulum Kit already, eh... The melodies in this were pretty good, I can smell some Pack of Wolves and some other tracks' basslines. They all fit together pretty nice. Pretty good production, you're coming a ways with the organization and layout of your tracks.

Nice going.

Karbon responds:

Yup, I sure am. :D

I got a little inspiration from that song to do this. I had to lower the bitrate for this one cause it was originaly 4.3MB. Thanks for the comment.

I loike it!

Like I said, the synthy chord things sound a tad bit murky, but i guess some different kind of compression or passing could tidy them up. Good work, you're keeping your touch :D

AznPB responds:

Yeah, I just wanted the song to be over with already so I was like, meh. Keeping my touch, huh? *runs over to AIM*

Why do I not review your stuff?

God knows why. I haven't really looked much into how much you pwn, but by golly I will further.

I love the kalimba/koto stuff, mallets... It's all great sounding. Tons of ambience. I could see this in a movie. In the first Kill Bill, y'know how she's in the Japanese(or was it chinese? or korean?) temple thing with ths shiney floors and stuff... this would totally fit in there somewhere.

Whatever. I don't know what i'm talking about.

This track is getting downloaded by me, for leisurely listening. I love you.

Also, thanks for the 5-by, i'll be giving you one shortly.

LJCoffee responds:

Thanks a ton, I really appreciate the review - you flatter me far too much - I really don't deserve it. no really... stop already!! STOP!!!



I can't not give this tens :)

It means a bunch to me when someone remixes my stuff... Haha. That's the ultimate feeling.

Well, to critique the track... It certainly wasn't perfect. I felt that the bass could have been louder, more distorted, but maybe that's just me. I didn't see too much movement on my woofers.

The drums were good, though. I dig handmade. Loops are... meh. Snare + Clap all the way. It makes a really powerful THWACK noise that's just pretty satisfying in a mix... It sounds heavy.

Hmm, the sub bass... we already discussed the problem on MSN, but it's not such a big deal when you can remove everything from 70hz up and keep the bass sound.

All in all, I enjoyed it. Thanks for remixing my stuff. That's a great feeling, like i said before.


Karbon responds:

It's all thanks to you man. You are the creator of one of the most dominating tracks on Newgrounds.

Before you switched to Reason, we were neck in neck of experiance. Even though you've switched, I'm still gunna try to beat you and a friendly way (lets put it like that).

I'm here, still 13, going on 14 one June 2nd and I can't belive I'm making this kind of stuff. But the reason is because of influences. And my good man, you are officialy one of them. :)

But some people on Newgrounds wish to meet you, ParagonX9, B0UNC3, and a few others. My chance already came, and I'm sure damn happy.

You're probably thinking I'm crazy writing all this stuff, but not because of all the love, it's because I took my Adderall this morning. Just kidding, its really love..... ;)

I don't care how much i say this, but its true, I still got alot more ahead of me. I'm popular at my school because of my MUSIC! Isn't that something? But i'm seriously making another cd soon. I have no "blueprints" for it yet, but it'll be here.

How much can i say this. Thank you API, thank you fans, thank you friends, thank you "co-workers" who helped me with my music is the past, thank you for download my music and making my first platnum, "Throw It Up", along with my golds, and thank you god for giving me such a gift....


Press Start.

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Choose Your Character.

Game Start!

Khuskan responds:

Error: Save corrupt.

Load new game? (y) or (n)

I make drum and bass which I upload on www.myspace.com/geie rmusic. I do not submit work here anymore, and you can feel free to use any of my stuff on Newgrounds. Just be aware that it does not represent my current work at all.

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