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Awesome job, man.

I love the speed in this one. Sounds awesome. Much better than your previous submissions. The hihats were really neat and complimented the kicks and snares. I love your VG sounding synths, they sounds really great. You are a really talented person. Sounds exactly like what paragon would make. The threestep was awesome.

Keep up the good work, love the tempo.


This track screams Hotshots Golf. When the main synth kicks in, it seems like it'd fit perfectly into the game. Awesome job. Very vintage. You really need to make more tracks like Defection or Chaoz Devotion. Those were probably your best tracks.

Glad to see you are still making stuff. Ha, I knew it was you on that KFNX account.

Check out some of my stuff please!

This was terrible,

But hey, you have to start somewhere. Try changing the pitch on the kickdrum so it doesn't sound like it's a FL default kick. Keep trying to make up your own synths in 3xOsc and changing the drums. You'll be good in no time.

CagedRealm responds:

Thanks so much for your review, I will defiantly keep your advice in mind. Your music is god like compared to mine.


I can't stress how much I LOVE those IDM clicky noises. They really add to the beat and make it seem full. The synth work was a little bit random... the pianos sounded great though. The fade out sounded quite dandy and fit the song really well. I like the orchestral string in the beginning, it made it seem like a massive intro.

Beautiful work, Rucklo.
Your stuff rules! :D


Rucklo responds:

Yay, those clicks can make one insane yeah?
Nah but theyre really easy to make, to be honest. Perhaps using them right is more difficult?
Ah well.
The synth is a lil random, i invented it at its spot, so to say. Whole song is improvised in that way, kindof. The intro, hmmm maybe i can make it even more massive the next time? :D
Yea my stuff rules. hahaha j/k
Thanx alot for reviewing tho, mate!


It was alright.

I've heard you do much better stuff. The synth bassline in the beginning was way to powerful. The whole song was build well though. I liked the drums alot. Nice job.

Waterflame responds:

aw jesus fucking crist. the response to the one over this was supposed to be to this..anyways..um...thanks..


The synth lead was very repetitive. The track did give a considerable amount of dancefloor atmosphere, but when the main beat kicked in, I couldn't really get into it. The buildup lead was also sorely lacking seeing as it was basically just 2 notes repeating over and over in different patterns. You have good mastering skills, I can see you go far if you just spiced up your melodies a little bit more. Nice samples, man.

I wish they had a 6.5 rating, because that's what I would have given this.


You are starting to kick mucho ass-o. The beginning, as I told you early, is freaking MASSIVE. I love it so much. Awesome job on the Sega sounding melody, it's one of the catchiest melodies I ever heard. I wish I could have collaborated with you on this one, but I guess god didn't mean for it to be that way. Anyways, this track is delicious. Keep up the fantastic work.

AznPB responds:

I'm starting to kick mucho ass-o? :) Awesome-o. I too, believe the into is MASSIVE. Maybe too massive. It think it outweighs the rest of the song. :/ As for the rest of your review. Thanks. :)


I liked this, but there were several parts that were either too loud or didn't fit in. You seem to have a good grasp on how to construct dnb, so congratulations on that (many people on here don't know how). Nice slicing of the amen, it sounded pretty nice, and the bass stabs were neat. Nice variety.

Check out my stuff :)


Walril-Darkeyes responds:

yeah I know how u feel I live in Belgium btw DnB country next to England :p
And I did chck ur stuff and I liked them too man

Bookah big up respecta trowin to ya man

Very Nice!

Great job on this one, Blix. You are starting to sound really good :) Getting signed? Awesome. Where?
Keep up the fantastic work, you've improved more than I could imagine :D


MattBlair responds:

Wholy cow man, thanks for the review, I love hearing from you. Moonrising Records, Lycanthropy records, Fiberline Audio(Haven't attempted, hope to try in the future). Lycanthropy records is non profit, but Moonrising is for profit. And thanks, really... Thanks dude.

(now known as: William Vance)


get online, brotha!

I make drum and bass which I upload on www.myspace.com/geie rmusic. I do not submit work here anymore, and you can feel free to use any of my stuff on Newgrounds. Just be aware that it does not represent my current work at all.

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